Coalition Accomplishments

  • Construction of Improvements at CSAH 5 and TH 65 (City of Isanti)

  • Construction of Improvements to CSAH 107 and TH 65(near Braham)

  • Resurfacing of TH 65 north of Mora

  • Signalization of 221st and TH 65 (East Bethel)

Current Coalition Priorities

MnDot Metro District

  1. Signalization of the intersection of 221st Avenue and Highway 65 (with later plans for an interchange)

MnDot District 3

  1. Construction of a four-lane highway from Cambridge north to CSAH 107.
  2. Reconstruction of the intersection of TH 65/CSAH 107.
  3. Mill and overlay for Northbound lanes of TH 65 from 229th Ave. to CSAH (Anoka & Isanti Counties)